After 23 years on the air the show "America's Most Wanted" is being canceled.  Expenses are the main reason given for the cancellation.  They do have a small viewership of only 5 million, but those are devoted fans who watch the show without fail.  However, those in charge claim the shows expenses are the main reason for canceling the show.

Host John Walsh was asked to host the show in 1988.  He was the father of 6 year old Adam Walsh who in 1981 was kidnapped from a Sears store and later found decapitated.  I remember that case very distinctly.  The made for TV movie about "Adam" told the story but never led to an arrest.  I remember my mom watching us like a hawk after that, and I was scared that someone would take me anytime we went shopping.  I was just 10 when Adam was killed.  John Walsh wanted not only to find the murderer of his child but also find other criminals and get them off the streets.  There has been closer for John Walsh with the announcement in 2008 that the killer of his son had been identified as Ottis Toole, although he never was punished for the murder; he died 10 years earlier in prison for an unrelated crime.

In the shows 23 year history it has led to the capture of over 1,000 criminals.  The show was previously canceled in 1996 but due to public and law enforcement outcry, the show was reinstated and been on the air weekly ever since.  They do have plans for 4 specials to air next season but not on a weekly basis.  Walsh is working to find another media outlet to run the show in syndication.  Sixty-five year old Walsh says he's not done fighting and not ready to throw in the towel.