Cancer is a bad word and quite frankly I'm tired of hearing it! I just finished my last round of chemo 2 weeks ago and things look really good but so many others are still battling the disease and every day someone else hears the dreaded words "you have cancer". Wade Hayes heard those very words and has been battling colon cancer. He finished his last chemo and is ready to move on and help others at the same time.


Wade is now cancer free and encouraging others to go to the doctor, get check-ups, especially men. Men tend to ignore symptoms as he did until he finally went and found that not only did he have cancer but it had already spread to other parts of his body.

However, he is on the road to recovery now and is working on new material. Included in that new material is a song about Wade's ordeal and the thoughts you have once you've been given the diagnosis of "cancer".

The song is very deep and emotional. It's called "Is It Already Time?" The song tells the story of being told you have cancer but they aren't sure how far it's spread. The doctor says go home, get some rest and in a few days we will know something. Those few days seem to be eternity and all kinds of thoughts go through your mind including "is this the end?", "am I done here?".

It's a beautiful, sad, real song that gets you in the heart and gut at the same time. Wade encourages everyone to be vigilant about seeing the doctor and getting tested; the earlier you catch it the easier it is to treat. I encourage the same thing. Don't wait!

For more information about Wade and his latest work or health updates check his Facebook or his website.