If you think there is nothing wrong with texting and driving, this dramatic and graphic video may steer your thinking in a different direction.

WARNING: The above video is graphic and may not be suitable for everyone. 

We see it way too often, especially with young adults, where somebody was texting and driving and caused a wreck that seriously injured themselves and others, or worse, killed someone.

In the video above, that's exactly what happens as a teenage girl is shown texting and driving when she loses control of her car and crashes. The wreck kills 2 passengers in her car as well as 3 others in another car, including a baby.

The consequences of texting and driving are real, And, it happens all over the world. In fact, according to Big Country Homepage, the Abilene City Council plan on talking about the possibilities of banning texting and driving in Abilene.

Whether it's banned or not, it's still a deadly problem to have. So, if you know someone that texts while driving, please share this video with them. It could save a life.