Sometimes there are unlikely pairings of pets that become great friends and sometimes they become partners in crime. Here are some great videos of just such animals.

The dog and bird in this first video work together to get the fettuccine noodles from the stove. The bird sits on the stove top and grabs the noodles from the pot and then feeds it to the dog. It might take awhile because he does this one noodle at a time.

<a href=";from=&amp;src=v5:embed::" target="_new" title="Dog and Bird Share Noodles">Video: Dog and Bird Share Noodles</a>

This is Bugsy the bulldog he's known as "The Babysitter". He is a companion of many of the orphaned animals at the Taycross Zoo in England. In this video he is babysitting an orphaned orangutan. He does look like a babysitter, watching to make sure the little orangutan doesn't get too out of hand.

This Bengal tiger was adopted by the Fernandez family when he was just a cub. The family had two jack russell terriers that played with the cub and they are all now good friends. The tiger doesn't see them as anything other than his buddy's. They run and chase each other, steal each others bones and tussle with each other.