The Railroad Revival Tour featuring Willie Nelson, Jamey Johnson, (actor/musician) John C. Reilly and Band of Horses will, unfortunately not be happening this year. The tour has been canceled by the tour organizers.

The tour was to have artists board 16 1940's train cars and perform at venues along the train stops. It was to run October 20, thru October 28th. The train would make stops along the way from Georgia to California.

The first tour took place last year but alas it wasn't to happen this year. The organizers offered a response to the pulling of the tour on their website stating that it was a hard decision to do so but certain complications kept the show from moving forward. To see the full statement see the official Railroad Revival website.

I think this would a very fun event to attend; it won't happen this year but keep your fingers crossed they can work the bugs out for next year! Here is a bit of what it looks like in case you are unfamiliar with the RR. This is a peak at the kick-off of last years tour in Tempe, Arizona.