Can you help save Sandy and Runt the two lovable labs?

This is the tail of two labs, who are well trained, Sandy is are 11 years old while Runt is only 10 years old, both are fixed, housebroken and they make quite the pair. Both took to the leash and were ready for whatever came their way. Sandy the 65 pound female and Runt the 60 pound male didn't bark or tug on the leash and when big Larry (who works at the Animal Shelter) threw them two doggie biscuits, the fun was on. Sandy the taller of the two caught one in mid air, while Runt was still wondering what all Sandy was eating. They are owner turn ins because their previous masters are moving and "can not take the dogs with them."

Runt and Sandy both can be indoor or outdoor dogs, however by looking at how well groomed they are I'm betting they are two of a kind living in a nice house. These KEAN Critters are full of energy and love. Caution though, they wag their tails a lot, so if you need a fan I've got two dogs that can fit the bill. If you've got room or a fenced in yard, I highly recommend Sandy and Runt. If I didn't already have my own pets, and the several I'm fostering, I would snatch these two up in a heartbeat! Please, let's find them a home right away.

The Abilene Animal Control Shelter (a.k.a. the pound) Info:


The Animal Control Shelter is located at 925 South 25th in Abilene


Mon.-Fri. 10:30 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Saturday 10 a.m. til 2p.m.

Phone Number:



You can check out the rest of the dogs and cats that are up for adoption at the shelters website.

More Info:

About Sandy and Runt, they are vaccinated, fixed and micro-chipped. These two lovable critters are only $20 each  so please go adopt them. Their Animal Control Shelters Reference I.D.#'s are: Runt's#-16964168 and Sandy's #-16964175.

Please visit the Abilene Animal Shelter and help save Sandy and Runt the Yellow Labs