Trace Adkins was on the road getting ready to perform at a concert when fire broke out at his Brentwood Tennessee home. While Trace was not there, his wife and children were. Firefighters say the fire was called in Saturday at 3:45 PM.

One neighbors iPhone view of the situation.

And yet another neighbors view of the Adkins home fire. You'll notice some of the Adking personal belongings are on the driveway.

A spokes person for the Brentwood fire department said Rhonda Adkins and the children were able to get out safely and no one was injured. The entire Brentwood fire department was called in on the blaze including several off duty fire fighters that came into help extinguish the blaze. Fire officials have not yet determined what caused the fire at the Adkins residence however the fire marshal did say the home was a total loss. Fire fighters were at the residence well into the evening making sure the fire was completely out. Trace is expected to be home all next week for the CMA Music Fest at which he is performing, no word yet to see if he keeps the date. Say your prayers for the Adkins family tonight they need them. Stay tuned for more up dates.