This is my top five countdown of the greatest country Christmas songs of all time. Coming in at #4 is yet another group, Alabama, who debuted their single 'Christmas In Dixie' originally in 1982, the song was later included on Alabama's 1985 Christmas album an 'Alabama Christmas'. Since then the song has been included on many different Christmas compilations in both the country and all other genres of music.

'Christmas In Dixie' is a main staple of the country Christmas genre. The boys from Alabama did an excellent job writing the song because they included North and South. The song celebrates Christmas in the southern United States, it starts each verse with a couple of references to the big cities not in the south like; New York, California, Chicago and Detroit. They bring in great examples of Southern cities like; Memphis, Atlanta, Jackson, Mississippi and Charlotte. The final reference is to Fort Payne, Alabama the boy's hometown. The song is known the world over, and has been translated in several languages. I have heard it in Spanish, Japanese and German.

Each day, I'll reveal another song in this countdown, so check in daily to see if your favorite country Christmas song makes the Top 5 for 2012.

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images