The show Toddlers & Tiaras on the TLC channel has been criticized more than once for exploiting toddlers and having outrageous "stage moms". This time the show is taking an indirect hit because the mother of one of the toddlers takes the child to a nightclub for a promotion.

Not only is the tiny tot, Isabella Barrett,  in a nightclub but she gets up on stage and sings "Sexy and I Know It" from LMFAO. Mom can be seen standing next to her coaching her along.

If you're not familiar with the reality show it's about mom's taking their toddlers through the beauty pageant process and it's not without plenty of drama, from kids and moms.  The mom's dress the kiddo's up sometimes in revealing costumes. In one episode a mom dresses her 3 year old daughter like the character from Pretty Woman (yes, THAT character).  There's lots of make-up, hairspray and temper tantrums.

The charity event that Isabella attended was booked in a New York City nightclub and I'm not sure what they were even raising money for.  That has taken a backseat to the public outrage of the mother taking her 5 year old into a nightclub and letting her sing on stage.

In my opinion kids sing songs and they don't know what the words even mean so I don't think that will damage her at all but I don't agree with having her in a nightclub even if it is for charity.   Here's the video of the event obtained by TMZ.

What do you think?