Toby Keith was right. The Country Music Association couldn't ignore the success of his hit song and video, 'Red Solo Cup'. Keith's video won the 'Music Video of the Year' CMA Award. It was announced during ABC's Good Morning America this morning (11/1).

Toby's public snubbing of the 2012 CMA Awards made headlines everywhere. His comment that he's "gotta get a root canal that day, or something fun" was good for a laugh, but the country superstar is clearly bitter about the lack of recognition the Association has given him over the years.

Keith explained to Country Weekly that he thinks he gets the short stick with the CMA Awards because he is not a 'crossover artist'. 'Red Solo Cup', however, did get airplay with different music formats.

" know, it’s the only song I ever had cross over and play on the pop stations. Ever. All of my peers that are hard ticket sellers, successful people, at the top of the game we play every day, about every one of them has had a certain amount of crossover play: Taylor, Tim, Keith, Flatts, Faith. I was always the one guy in that generation that didn’t. [Pop stations] were always like, ‘He is so country, we’re not going to play him.’ And I always took pride in that.”

The Toby Keith-free CMA Awards air on ABC tonight. Listen for continuing coverage on KEAN-105, and follow along here at the website.

By the way, in other Toby Keith news, his new album, 'Hope on the Rocks,' hit store shelves and digital retailers on Tuesday, Oct. 30th.

Check out Toby Keith's CMA Award Winning video for 'Red Solo Cup' (warning: this is the unedited version, complete with questionable lyrics):