Do you remember the old battle and subsequent lawsuit between Tim McGraw and his old record label Curb Records? Well apparently the lawsuit may have been settled but the battle rages on. Tim's old record company just released the last album 'Tim McGraw Friends' that Mr. McGraw gave the record company as he exited. But Curb didn't stop there, they also released Tim's newest single (that Tim will not support and/or acknowledge.) The new single is a duet with Colt Ford and it's part 'RAP' part country. Is it good? You tell me, give it a listen and give me your opinion.

The album and any songs that come from 'Tim McGraw Friends' on Curb records, will (more than likely) not be supported and/or promoted by Tim, although he put it together as he left Curb records. The big deal is, Tim McGraw has a new album from his new new record company, and it too is about to be released in couple of weeks. If you ask me, it sounds like the two (Tim and Curb) are about to do battle on the record charts. Either way we (the fans and listeners) will get a double dose of Tim McGraw for a while.

In my opinion, the Curb album sounds like the work of a disgruntled child who was asked to clean the room before he could go out to play and the kid just shoves everything under the bed. I say that, because the whole album sounds like to me, that it's "I recorded a bunch of duets, over of the years and I got to put something together before I can leave, so here you go." This song sounds like to me, reminiscent of Tim's 'Friday Night Lights' days. Don't take my word for it, below is the new song 'Twisted' with Tim and Colt Ford. Give it a listen and give me your opinion.

Tim McGraw (featuring Colt Ford) - Twisted on Curb Records