It seems to be the lawsuit that will never end, but a Nashville court has dealt a victory for Tim McGraw in his ongoing battle with Curb Records.

According to a report in the Tennessean, Davidson County Chancellor Russell Perkins ruled this week that McGraw’s new label, Big Machine does not need to provide documents or emails to Curb Records. He said he believes some of those documents are confidential and that the requests by Curb to turn them over are "almost over-reaching". But Perkins did advise Big Machine to preserve the emails and documents, should they be directed to turn them over in by a future decision.

The original dispute is over whether McGraw owes Curb records more music under his contract. Yes, both Tim and Curb can count, but the record label says that McGraw’s January 2012 CD ‘Emotional Traffic’ was turned in too quickly after his October 2009 release, ‘Southern Voice.’ McGraw counters that the label kept releasing ‘greatest hits’ albums to prolong his time on Curb. The contract says that McGraw was required to leave 18 months between new album releases, but his CD ‘Number One Hits’ was released by the label in November 2010.

McGraw won the initial court dispute with Curb last November, with a judge ruling that the singer could leave the record label and record under another group. However, that decision is being appealed by Curb Records, and a decision is still pending. When that’s decided, we will know if McGraw can release a new album on any label other than Curb, or if he's still under contract with Curb.

For the record, McGraw already signed with Big Machine in May.

What does this mean for Tim McGraw fans? The small court victory brings us a step closer to McGraw releasing his first album of new material in three years. Whatever the ultimate court decision is, it seems the fans are the real losers, being deprived of their artist while the details are argued in court.

At least now we have one new song from Tim McGraw. We don't know when the full CD will be released, or by which label, but 'Truck Yeah' is doing very well for Tim and his fans anyway.