There comes a time when most kids hate school for one reason or the other but it usually doesn't start in preschool.  Don't tell that to little Alfie though he ditched his first day of school and walked back home alone, much to his mothers surprise.Alfie Aldridge is a three year old from England and apparently part spider monkey.  He decided he didn't want to be at school any more so he left, scaled a 3 foot wall, walked across a busy street and ended up at his own front door.  He rang the doorbell and when his mom opened the door and saw him standing there she says she was "hysterical".

His mom called the school to see how this happened and they didn't even know he was gone.  Needless to say he will be going to another preschool from now on.  Maybe one with a 6 foot wall would be good.

Alfie's mom says she only walked the route with him twice, he remembered it though and got home safely, thank goodness.  The school apologized and promised a full investigation.

Preschool can't have been that bad, don't they play all day?  Mom has 3 other children but it seems she has her hands full with this little Houdini