Thompson Square’s Shawna Thompson was ready to pack it up and head home after nearly 15 years of trying to make it in Music City, Nashville Tennessee. She kept telling her husband, Keifer, the other half of Thompson Square, that she wanted out she wanted to go back to more familiar ground. Shawna was ready to go back home to her home state of Alabama. However, Kaifer had this funny feeling that something was about to hit. "It's about to happen it's either the big time or the no time, I just feel it!"

Keifer Thompson asked his wife and show partner to give it one last try. Just a little more time please, one more time again. “We were right there on the cusp,” A year prior to everything just going their way the husband ans with duo were waiting tables at the Country Radio Seminar where the nations top radio programmers gather to check out the newest country super-stars to-be. Keifer thought to himself that night, "this is where it all begins and we will be on that stage next year. And they were.

Keifer said “I swear, this is the last time I’ll say this: Give it one more year. Something’s going to happen. I feel it in my bones, I know it is trust me.”
source: San Francisco Chronicle

As fate would have it, Keifer was listening to his inner-spirit or God was talking to him, telling him to stay with it just a little bet longer. Then, out of nowhere it happen, it did. The pair got their first ever record deal with a big time Nashville record company. Since then the two have become a household name. Thompson Square is currently making it's way to the top of the country charts again.