When the 'Taste of Country' tour made its way through Abilene last December, country singer Thomas Rhett told me, "You will hear from me again, I promise" and today I did. Thomas Rhett was calling radio stations to promote the 'Outnumber Hunger' campaign and to help our local food bank receive extra meals. During the Interview, Rhett revealed something that made him emotional, was a first in his life and it happened here in Abilene.

Thomas said "I know you aren't going to believe this but, back in December, KEAN-105 was the very first station I had ever heard myself on." He told me it made him feel somewhat overwhelmed with emotion and "I will never, ever forget that feeling that came over me when I first heard my song Something To Do With My Hands on the radio," Said Rhett. After his admission he quickly moved on to the reason for his call. He encouraged all west Texans to go to the Outnumber Hunger website and learn how to get extra meals to be delivered to our Abilene food bank.

Thomas Rhett's current single Something To Do With My Hands just entered the top 25 on the national charts and the video is in the top 20 as well.