They say the mice will play when the cat's away! Most of us did, there always has to be one dud that follows the rules though. That would be Diane, you see that she's the only one that showed up for the early morning meeting. The rest of us came up with ways to entertain ourselves. Those are as follows.

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    I know it doesn't look like we are working but it's all about networking and what is networking without facebook. The company is all about networking we are just doing our part. I mean with the drought and bad economy we need to help our neighbors, you know fertilize their crops in exchange for parts to complete our pig pen. It's a community we are building from scratch, takes hard work.

    Shay Hill
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    Throw An Office Party

    We work hard all week long and we need a little relaxation. So throwing an office party was a no-brainer. We had fun, played some games, got to know each other a little better. It built a special camaraderie with our co-workers.

    Shay Hill
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    Nap Time

    Why are kids the only one's that get nap time? They don't want it and we do! After our party we really needed one. I think everybody should have mandatory nap time after lunch! Is congress back in session yet? I need to talk to them about this policy.

    Shay Hill
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    Creative Thinking

    Well after our nap we all woke up refreshed and ready to tackle the next project. Which was "who can come up with the best plank" contest. Staci and Kim won! They are currently challenging the rest of the staff to help them get into the Guiness Book of World Records with a "multi-person pyramid plank" idea. I'm telling you after a mid afternoon nap you come up with some great ideas!!

    Shay Hill
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    Leave Early

    It's 3 o'clock,we are tired, our brains hurt from all the creative thinking so we are leaving early. When you have to take up all the slack of those that are gone it makes for a long week. Hopefully next week will be better for us.

    Shay Hill