The human spirit alone is an amazing thing, but put it with a determined and agile body and now you've got what I call "the worlds best human tricks." Please do not try and duplicate these at home on your own. I'm sure that most of these stunts were practiced over long periods of time before each one was mastered by each person performing them.

After looking at some of these I was amazed and was left wondering if there was some camera trickery. After much research, it appeared to me that all these tricks/stunts were performed and not faked as far as I could tell. But I'm left with a burning question, at what point in my life did I get so bored that I thought, "hey I'll jump off this high rise building and do a triple backwards flip and land on my feet on the roof of the building next door." That is just insane, but that kind of thinking is what makes us all different and keeps us all scratching our heads and saying, "what the heck just happened?" What do you think? Is this taking gymnastics to a whole new level?