Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day for a lot of animals in West Texas as the SPCA, Rescue the Animals, the North Shore Animal League and yours truly teamed up to rescue at least 100 kittens, puppies, cats and dogs from being put to sleep. Animal shelters from all over West Texas turned out for the event and so did thousands of west Texans.

As I remained in my 6 by 8 foot dog house on the corner of South West Drive and Catclaw, thousands of west Texans gathered outside of Pet Smart in Abilene to adopt dogs and cats of every shape and size you could imagine, and by Saturday night we had adopted 92 animals and we still have all day Sunday April 15th to go. I'm pretty sure we will reach our goal of getting at least 100 animal adoptions and raised a "pretty good amount of money" according to Paul Washburn Founder of Rescue the Animals.

The hours Sunday outside of Pet Smart are: pet adoptions 10am-7pm, shots & micro-chipping 1pm-4pm.