The man that made his mark in the country music industry when he appeared in the movie Urban Cowboy, is coming to the Lucky Mule on South 14th street in Abilene on Friday the 13th. Johnny Lee taught us where not to be Looking for Love.

Johnny Lee had his biggest hit to date with his song called Looking For Love, it became the movies main theme song and catapulted Johnny Lee to 'super-stardom' status. The movie and it's soundtrack are credited by many in the music industry as being the catalysts for bringing the 'country music' genre out of the dark ages. Still the fact remains, every time I hear the song it sends me back to when turkey feathers in my cowboy hat were cool, Levi jackets were in, love was free and worries were few. This song made being a "country bumpkin" cool. Just check out how cool Johnny Lee looked back then.


I'm taking my Urban Cowboy Soundtrack album to the Luck Mule to get it autographed. I wonder though if I should dress up, should I wear my turkey feathered cowboy hat and blue denim jacket to the concert?