The summer of 2002 should be referred to as "the summer of Toby Keith." During the summer of 2002 Keith managed to get two songs released, "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue" and "My List" of which the later spent five weeks at No. 1, and got the Oklahoma native noticed by the Academy of Country Music. Toby Keith won several awards that year and was voted the 'Entertainer of the Year'. Clearly "My List" was an amazing song, yet 2002 also had other amazing songs like it.

Check out the top 5 songs from the summer of 2002

Toby Keith - My List

Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American)

Alan Jackson - Drive (For Daddy Gene)

Brad Paisley - I'm Gonna Miss Her

Kenny Chesney -The Good Stuff

Here are some interesting cost of living facts from 2002

  • Average cost of a new house $228,700.00
  • Average median income $42,409.00
  • Average cost of new car $26,100.00
  • Average Monthly Rent $721.00
  • Cost of a gallon of gas $1.61
  • Ground Coffee per IB $3.49
  • US Postage Stamp 35 cents
  • 1 LB of Bacon $3.37
  • Loaf of Bread $1.82
  • Dozen Eggs 90 cents

What do you remember from 2002?