If you were a fan of LOST then a void will be filled with this new show. LOST was a show you "invested" in watching, you had to keep up and follow the lives of the characters both before the plane crash and afterwards. This new television show by Steven Spielberg seems to have the same feeling.

Just from the previews the scenery alone will be enough to have you watch but it's the intriguing plot that will keep you watching.

A man, Dr. Cole, has gone missing in the Amazon while filming his nature show, after 6 months there is a signal from his "beacon". His family and a crew set out to find him. That's when all the twists and turns come about. There's lots of paranormal activity that can't be explained but it's clear the rescuers are not wanted.

Produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Oren Peli (creator of Paranormal Activity) this is a 2 hour pilot episode tonight at 8pm not to be missed.