Well there has been an insurgence of zombies lately. There are shows on TV featuring the invasion like the "Walking Dead" on AMC. You have to know how to protect yourself and there is a company out there that is helping you get ready for this very apocalyptic problem. Hornady ammunition is here to protect you with their latest line of bullets.

They have a new line of ammo that is made just for Zombie purposes. It comes in many different calibers 380 AUTO, 9MM LUGER, 40 S&W, 45 AUTO, 223 REM, 7.62x39, 30-30 WIN, 308 WIN and even in shot gun shells 12 GA.

Now if you want to be prepared then you should probably invest in some of this particular ammo. It is the only kind that is made exclusively for Zombie protection.

Now obviously this is just a fun marketing job by Hornady, there aren't really Zombies! (are there?) But then again why would you take a chance. I bought some just to have, kind of a fun collectors thing and "just in case". They have them at Academy Sports & Outdoors if you're interested.

Now the video does show the shooting of zombies so you've been warned; watch at your own discretion.