First things first, I am not a Cowboys fan, I’m a die hard, always loyal Houston Texans fan…regardless of how good or bad we may be. However, following the Dallas Cowboys collapse against the New York Jets, I decided to take it upon myself to help my 2nd favorite team find a new quarterback.

Seriously, every loss the Dallas Cowboys have ever suffered are all the fault of 1 person, and that villain is Tony Romo.  Romo is the reason the defense sucks. Romo is the reason the coaching staff calls the wrong plays. Romo is the reason the special teams allowed a game changing blocked punt. And yes, Romo is the reason for the goal line fumble and late game interception.

Tony Romo must be fired. Romo should have been fired years ago, regardless of his amazing career stats that any other quarterback in NFL history would die for. Replacing Romo with another great quarterback should be as easy as saying “Fire Romo” on Facebook, right?

If only there was a 1-800-GREAT-QB hotline to call…then again, maybe there is, let’s call them now.

Guess I’ll just go back to bitching about him on Facebook. I wonder if Jason Garrett will hire me since I know so much about football.

Since you’re still here, watch some highlights of Tony Romo’s career as the QB for the Dallas Cowboys.