So many people freak out when the McRib hits McDonald's restaurants that there are lines backed up in the drive-thru.  For people like me that just want a Happy Meal that creates a problem.  I'm not a fan of the McRib, I just think there is something not right about a rib that doesn't have a bone in it.  So that brings me to the question, what is that McRib?  Much research has been done on this and what they found will shock you.So, if you're a fan of the sandwich you might want to stop reading here, if not keep going.

There is NO rib meat in a McRib but there are about 70 other ingredients and some of those are the same things you will find in a yoga mat apparently.  It contains a flour bleaching agent that is also used in manufacturing of foamed plastics; those same plastics found in shoe soles and yoga mats.  Now granted they are used in minute quantities but it gives you pause to think about what we are consuming.

The McRib is a formed boneless patty made of basically scraps, or leftovers donated by pork producers.  Things like tripe (stomach lining), heart, scalded stomach among other things.  Now these are all edible parts of an animal and in some cultures nothing to blink at but for me, no way.  Plus, they are actually full of protein.

The chicken McNuggets are basically made the same way just with chicken parts.  I like the burgers so lets not talk about those but I'm sure they too are made of "all edible parts" of the cow.

The McRib has been around since 1981, it was a regular menu item at the time but in 2005 it went on a so called "farewell tour" and has since made only temporary appearances during certain times of the year sending folks into a frenzy of excitement.  My co-workers included!

Knowing a few of the ingredients that are in the McRib has caused a few people to rethink their next fast food order but then their are those devoted fans who love the sandwich and even knowing this information probably won't keep them from eating it again.  Check out a  few of those very responses from folks on Fox New's Red Eye.