Everyone likes getting a new car and if it's the best, prettiest, fastest, hottest or slickest makes it even better. The latest concept cars have been released and they will make you envious. Check out some of the latest concept cars on display in Geneva.

The Geneva Car Show in Europe brought out the car makers best at this years show. The show lets car makers show off their latest designs and technologies.

Electric cars were big this year with car makers targeting young, economic and environmentally conscience buyers. However, it wasn't all about being environmentally friendly, there were cars for those who like to go fast and look good.

There's a new convertible Land Rover, a Bentley SUV and a Honda NSX which will actually make production so be looking for it in the not too distant future. Many of the cars at the show are "dreams" and will never be produced for the public simply because of expenses but a few will such as the Honda.