Hunter Hays was six years old when he wrote his first song. When Hunter was seven he was performing for President Clinton's re-election stumps. He play over 30 instruments, speaks a foreign language and has a fan club that rivals most of today's hottest country stars. If you are among those that say "I can't listen to a kid sing about life, because what does a kid know anyway?" Please stop for 3 minutes and 21 seconds and listen because this kid is a superstar and sings with passion. Remember a blog I wrote sometime ago, talking about having "God-given" talent. Well meet Hunter Hayes "Talent On Loan From God", (sorry Rush, this kid's got it you don't).

Besides being a talented musician, singer, writer and producer. Hunter Hayes has already performed at the Grand Ole Opry his debut was on Friday, Aug 12, 2011.

This hot-shot star that is taking the country charts by a storm (pardon the pun) is touring with none other than, you guessed it, Taylor Swift on her Speak Now tour. Swift herself was a youngster when she began her musical journey also agrees that Hunter is a "gifted artist." His current debut single “Storm Warning” is currently burning up the charts.

Hunter say “Being invited to play the Grand Ole Opry is like having the doors in country music open for you. Just the invitation to perform on the Opry feels like initiation into a family of artists I have looked up to and have studied my entire life,and the real cherry on top of it all is, that I got to play the same night as Diamond Rio! I have always liked them.”