The mother and daughter duo known as The Judds, have been named one of Billboard Magazine’s Top Country Artists from 1985 to current date. Billboard has ranked the top 25 country artists of the last twenty-five years. Since their start, The Judds dominated the charts and shot to stardom with such songs as, Elvis Presley’s “Had a Dream” in 1983, followed “Mama He’s Crazy” and “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days).”

The most recent news on the duo was in April 2011, when their documentary series, “The Judds,” debuted on Oprah's TV network "OWN". Viewers kept up with Wynonna and Naomi’s mother-daughter bond as they went through their "Last Encore" concert tour.


I am still a huge fan of the duo and continue to have high hopes that they will at least, get back in the studio and blend their angelic harmonies for us one more time. Although I do admit I'm not a "huge" fan of what Wynonna has been doing solo as of late. I think she has taken on somewhat of a dark side musically, however when she released her first solo project i feel she captured her soul on vinyl. Do you think The Judds have what it takes to make it in the music business today?