Is it me, or are there more black great tailed grackles in Abilene than ever before? If you have ever tried to go to the Mall of Abilene, get a cup of coffee or go to the supermarket on Buffalo Gap road at sunset you have to walk fast and watch where you walk too. The black birds have made a mess of the parking lots, not to mention the health risks associated with the mounds of bird droppings everywhere.

This is a major problem for Abilene, the birds are nasty and a big health risk, I just drove around the mall and discovered several dead birds just laying in the parking lots.

It used to be that finding a tree to park under at the mall was a bonus especially during the hot summer months, I didn't find one single car parked near any trees around the mall. The birds are a major noise nuisance too, as soon as you get out of your vehicle your hit with the annoying screeching sounds. The reason the birds congregate around the mall, according to the parks and wildlife officials, we careless and/or generous humans feed the birds with food from the various restaurants with people tossing fries out of their cars and then there's the cars themselves.

Your vehicle is a buffet table as the birds will pluck the dead bugs trapped in your cars radiator. The best way to rid ourselves of the problem is hawks and falcons, or my recommendation a "Cajun Grackle Cookbook", I hear they taste just like chicken and they're better blackened.