The Cadillac Three, formerly known as The Cadillac Black, paid a visit to the KEAN -105 studios and had a lot on their agenda. Not only did the band stop by to share the name change with us, but the country/southern rock trio also signed their first major label deal with Big Machine Records, and took the time to play a couple songs for us in studio!

The first part of our conversation has the guys in The Cadillac Three talking about the reason for the name change. Lead singer/guitarist Jaren Johnston said, "It's just one of those things that had to happen. Trademark issues, and we could have either kept it as The Cadillac Black and get no sleep at night about getting sued over that stuff, or do it.". We also talked their signing their first major record label deal with Big Machine Records. Johnston explained, "It's pretty exciting. Scott Borchetta, the guy that runs the label, he's like the one guy that we considered doing a deal with, just because everybody else kinda wants you to change and...not let you be yourself. And he was very adamant on signing us for who we are, and so, you know, we get to keep doing what we're doing.". They also did a live, acoustic performance of 'I'm Southern' the first song on their self-titled debut CD.

The second half of my interview with The Cadillac Three talked about what a busy year 2013 is going to be for them. Jaren Johnston stated, "We just finished a Lee Brice tour, and we're going to be doing more with him...we're doing shows with Dierks [Bentley] and Miranda [Lambert] and stuff like that, so it's going to be a long, good year.". I mentioned to the guys that this is the year they've been waiting for, to which Jaren responded, "It is. It's exciting. We might get to meet Blake Shelton![laughs]". But Johnston made if very clear that the emphasis on growing their fan base was going to stay in Texas. The band also played another song from their self-titled CD, 'Turn it On' for us in studio. Take a listen:

Be on the lookout for big things from The Cadillac Three in the coming months. With all that talent and personality in the band, and the backing from a major record label, don't be surprised to see their popularity explode in 2013. Best of luck, guys!