Red Dirt singer/songwriter Bo Phillips might be our little secret in the southwestern part of the country, but if he keeps getting gigs like this, it's only a matter of time before folks start talking about him everywhere.

Thursday afternoon, Bo sang the National Anthem at The Ballpark in Arlington before the Texas Rangers game against the Oakland A's. Bo almost immediately had this (not the best quality, but still cool) video posted on his Facebook page, with the title "Completely humbled!".

A huge honor on any day, but this was an important game for the Rangers, too. They came into the matinee meeting with a slim 3-game lead over the A's in the American League West division, and were beaten badly (9-3) Wednesday night by Oakland. with only 7 games remaining on the regular season schedule. I'm just saying, the Rangers needed a spark.

Phillips can take all the credit he wants for the 5-run first inning the Rangers posted, just minutes after his great rendition of the Anthem.

Be sure to congratulate Bo when he comes to Abilene October 13th to play at Southern Nights.