Friday was a great day at the radio station because we got a visit from Texas music singer Brenda Kay and her band the Caprock Drifters. This was the first time the country crooner had granted a full fledged radio interview in years, prior to that she'd been on a 2 year leave from the music business to get married, have a child and write more songs. The latter of which she shared with us live, on the radio Friday.

Brenda Kay and the Caprock Drifters sang a few songs live and gave us a sampling of what to expect from her upcoming 4 song EP-compact disc to be release soon. What really took me by surprise was her rendition of 'Stand By Me', that girl just flat out nailed it! with a little help from Paul Sparkman who plays lead guitar, she had me completely consumed into the song. Friday night was her first performance back in Abilene since her two year leave.

The following video of Brenda Kay is an older one that was shot at the Firehouse Bar and Grill here in Abilene Texas.

Have you ever seen Brenda Kay perform live? What is your favorite Brenda Kay song?