My friend Gary Kyle has just released a new single, video and launched a charity. Texas Strong is Gary's third album release and the title track and video are already big hits with listeners. This album and single hold great meaning for Gary as does his new charity of the same name.

Gary stopped by the station Tuesday to say hello and tell me all about the new stuff he has out. He is very excited about the new single and video. The video already has over 45,000 hits in just under a week of release.

The meaning behind 'Texas Strong' is that of standing up, with conviction, for the things you believe in most. Oh, and being Politically Correct, it's not necessary!

"I don't need your empty promises and I don't need your change.....You don't know nothing about Texas Strong.

We cling to our bibles, families and our guns and we don't take nothin', not from anyone."

Those are a few of the lyrics from this song that Gary says is about standing firm for what you believe in even if it's not the most popular idea.

He has also started a new charity called 'Texas Strong' that helps those in need. Gary says "I've created this organization to engage people in the needs of their communities. We live in the greatest state within the greatest country in the world, and that is because of the people who live here in Texas! I want people to come to this site and nominate people in their area who are doing their best, but could use some extra help. It could be anything from needing some house work done, to fixing their car, to being caught in a financial bind. One of my favorite things my grandpa used to say to me was "Look around son. Everyone in this room is better than you at something" We all have our special skill sets and someone out there could use your help. Here we go guys! Let's take care of each other."

Gary Kyle - "Texas Strong" Official Video