I had a pleasant surprise today, when Texas music artist Creed Fisher dropped by the KEAN 105 studios for a visit. Seems Creed was just passing through on I-20 and decided to come by to say hi and bring me his new C.D. Some time ago Fisher was at KEAN and promised that when the project was completed he would personally bring us a copy. He's a man of his word.

The Odessa Texas native admitted that out of all ten songs on the album two were actually cut right here in Abilene (cut 5 and 9) at the Big Note Studio, the rest were cut in Nashville. The list of musicians on Creeds album reads like a list of who's who. Is it no surprise that the album was written entirely by Creed. I asked him if he'd ever consider recording other songwriters music and he said "I did in the first album and I think it was a mistake cause I should of been singing my songs. After all I wrote them and they are real life experiences and I think you can not only hear but you'll feel the emotion as well"

For looking like such a rough and tough kind of guy, he has a more gentle subtle side where the love ballads come from. Just take a look at his latest video and I think you'll feel a his emotions coming through. I hope he'll come back to Abilene soon, but next time I hope he brings his band because they know how to entertain a crowd.

VIDEO: Creed Fisher the song is 'Come hold Me'