High school football in Texas is almost a religion.  Fans are fanatical about their teams and during the fall everything revolves around the team games.  There's not much that will halt a football game except maybe a drug cartel.  A Texas high school football game that was to be played Friday night was canceled due to drug cartel extortion.  Stony Point High School in Round Rock was set to play a good-will game against a Monterrey Mexico team Friday night but a drug cartel wanted $30,000 to allow the team to cross the border.

These two teams played each other last year and the Monterrey team has also played other Texas teams in the past.  In fact last week they played a team from Highland Park.

The Monterrey team decided it was best to cancel the game and not try to cross the border.

It's a sad state of affairs when the drug cartels are so numerous and bad south of the border that they even extort schools to keep high school kids from just playing a football game.