It's nice to have facts to confirm what we all know every once in a while. Now, there's proof that Texas is a pickup driving, Lord loving, beer drinking, singing cowboy and cowgirl-filled state. As a result, the Lone Star State ranks high among the states most like a country song.

I'm sure plenty of proud Texans will be disappointed with the fact that these results - compiled by Estately - don't have us ranked #1. It might be even more upsetting to some that Texas placed second to Oklahoma on the list. But I guess that gives us something to shoot for next year.

Estately's criteria combined nine different aspects of country song living. Here's the list, along with Texas' ranking in each category (in parentheses).

  • Pickup Trucks – Sales for January throug April 2014 (Texas ranked 12th)
  • Drinking – Beer and liquor consumption per capita (28th)
  • Baby Done Left – Divorce/separation percentage (23rd)
  • Most Religious – Percentage of population saying religion is an important part of their lives (10th)
  • Cowboys and Cowgirls – Number of cattle per square mile (10th)
  • Hall of Fame Country Musicians – Number of musicians belonging to the Country Music Hall of Fame who were born in the state (2nd)
  • Dirt Roads – Miles of unpaved roads (2nd)
  • Support the Troops – Active military personnel in each state (16th)
  • Works Until the Day is Through – Current unemployment rate in each state (16th)

Estately said of the Lone Star State, "Texas was country before country was cool, including back when Texas was its own country.". I'm not entirely sure what all that means, but I think they're saying Texas has been a country state for a long time.

Here's the top 10 states that are "Most Like a Country Song":

1.  Oklahoma
2.  Texas
3.  Missouri
4.  Louisiana
5.  Arkansas
6.  Kansas
7.  North Dakota
8.  Kentucky
9.  South Dakota
10.  Alabama