I can't say that I'm a huge fan of his music, because I honestly don't know that much about it, I don't listen to much rock. However, the Ted Nugent I like is the hunting Ted known as "Uncle Ted".

He has a hunting show on the Outdoor Channel called "Spirit of the Wild" and he IS wild. He loves his country, his guns, guitars and freedom and he's quite opinionated and educated on all those subjects.

He is a huge supporter of gun rights and the 2nd Amendment and will defend them both to the death. He  did an interview with Piers Morgan, last May, on CNN about those subjects and others. The two go head to head in debate over the subjects and each passionate about their point of view. I had not seen this and you may have missed it as well, but it's still making the internet rounds.  It's a timeless debate such are many things of late and I found it interesting.

I have to admit that I am a 2nd Amendment supporter as well as a gun owner. I see the other sides point of view but I don't agree with it and that is my right. I feel that if you start taking away our Constitutional rights then we are no longer a "free" body of people. We are ruled by the Government and that to me is what we are sending our men and woman all over the world to fight AGAINST. People who have no rights against their governments.

No matter, though, what your side or opinion both get addressed in this interview. I will warn you there is some language to be aware of however.

Will I change your opinion? Will you change mine? Probably not. But isn't it great that we have the freedom to debate, speak our minds and have our own opinions and points of view without being locked up or beheaded because of them. God Bless America!

For more on Ted Nugent visit his website and for more on Piers Morgan Tonight visit his blog site at CNN.