Oh, my it seems that Taylor Swift has broken up with Conor Kennedy. I'm not sure this day could get any worse. I kid, I kid. However, we all know that when Taylor breaks up with someone a hit song follows, so be on the look out.

Apparently an 'anonymous source' visited with Us Weekly magazine and let the cat out of the bag. Maybe Swift is just busy promoting her new album "Red" which was released this week and there just hasn't been time to spend with Conor. Maybe they really did break-up. This all has yet to be confirmed by the singer herself.

She did, however, recently buy a huge, multi-million dollar home near Conor in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. She has flown him to Nashville to meet her family and his family loves her in turn. His grandmother, Ethel Kennedy, has publicly acknowledged that she thinks Swift is "sensational".

Either way, I'm sure we will hear all about it on her next album. I'm sure, too, that it will eventually be a #1 hit, bringing her millions more dollars. Do you see a pattern here?