Taylor Swift doesn't hide her emotions too often. She's notoriously candid about her love life, and makes it clear that her catalog of breakup songs are very personal. When she starts planning a new album, she's also very open about her plans.

According to Taste of Country, Taylor says that, unlike a lot of artists, she doesn't concern herself with tempo when putting a new album together.

"I don’t think too much about, ‘We need more down tempo. We need more up tempo...We need more mid-tempo on the record,’ Because to me, that seems a little scientific. I just want to make an album that’s well-rounded emotionally."

Don't be too surprised if you see more artists following with Swift's formula - or lack of - since her success speaks for itself. Taylor's newest CD, ‘Red’ sold 1.2 million copies in its first week, and includes crossover hit singles like 'We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together', 'I Knew You Were Trouble' and the duet 'Everything Has Changed’ with Ed Sheeran.

Regarding the album she's currently working on, Swift has been asking herself a lot of questions to ensure the new project will be a well-rounded effort:

“[I ask myself] Is it a sad record? Is it a happy record? Is it a mixture of all emotions? Thankfully, I think that’s what this record is: it’s a mixture of all the emotions that go along with the ups and downs of a relationship."

Whatever the overall mood of the CD, Taylor's fans will no doubt answer "Yes" to the question, "Is this record going to be an international hit?". Now, the only question would be whether or not Taylor will continue to consider herself a country artist first, or if she will take the plunge into the pop genre full time. We shall see.