Groom Sues After Stripper Ruptures His Bladder at Bachelor Party
In retrospect, Patrick Gallagher and his buddies probably should have just celebrated his impending nuptials with a quiet night of poker, maybe a cigar. But instead they took the bachelor party to the strip club, where the groom-to-be suffered an injury as embarrassing as it is painful.
Gallagher was…
Wedding Bouquet Pass Helps Win Game
Washington state high schools Tumwater and Capital could very easily be nondescript rivals on 'The Simpsons,' but an incredible, momentum-changing 2-point conversion during their Sept. 22 double-overtime battle won by Tumwater has brought the schools national fame.
Would You Buy Wedding Rings From Craiglist? [POLL]
I just celebrated my 26th wedding anniversary with my wife Donna yesterday, which got me thinking about, how much weddings cost these days. I wonder if I were to get married 'on the cheap'. Could I really save money by purchasing everything from 'Craigslist'? At the mere mention of it here at the ra…
Danny Gokey Shares Personal Wedding Video
Didn’t get the invite to Danny Gokey‘s wedding? We didn’t either, but never fear. The singer and his new wife Leyicet Peralta welcome fans into their wedding with a new video, posted to Twitter by Gokey himself, which captures several significant moments from th…

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