Wal-Martians Song Pays Tribute To The People Of Wal-Mart [VIDEO]
With Halloween drawing nearer, the Zombies or rather the People of Wal-Mart will soon be at a Super Center near you. We've all either seen the emails with the pictures or have gone to the People of Wal-Mart website for verification that you own picture was not posted. Now we can add to the mix, a so…
Wal-mart Shutting Down Mp3 Store
Yes, the times they must be hard, when you hear headlines like "Wal-mart Shutters Mp3 Store After 7 Years." I never thought that I would hear the words, closing-down and Wal-mart in the same sentence. Here's the real scoop. Although Wal-mart made a run at the "digital" world by s…
‘American Idol’ Contestants Release Exclusive Walmart EPs
Attention, Walmart shoppers: You can now relive your favorite musical moments from the most recent season of ‘American Idol’ with a series of exclusive EPs from the top four contestants.
Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, and James Durbin have all released ‘Am…
We Need Some Rules At Wal-mart
We have all seen the pictures of the "People Of Wal-mart" where they seem to wear what  ever they want. Well that's not my gripe...We need some "Wal-mart Restroom Rules"!