Christmas Cookie Recipes For Everyday [VIDEO]
Baking and the holidays go hand in hand. There's parties every time you turn around. Family gatherings, friends and office parties and many are "pot luck" meaning you have to take something. Sometimes you just want to make some fun decorations with the kiddos and you can do th…
Man Drowns After Swan Attack [VIDEO]
Anthony Hensley,37, a husband and father of two, drowned Saturday when he was attacked by a swan and fell out of his kayak. It sounds funny but the man's family is in mourning and his two young children will grow up without a father.
Granny Tries “Pop Rocks” Candy [VIDEO]
Grandkids are always exposing their parents and grandparents to new things. Remember the grandparents that were trying to figure out the webcam? What about the grandma that has learned to dance with the Wii?  Now add some candy from the early 80's to the picture and see the reaction.
Music Video Made Entirely From Jelly Beans [VIDEO]
Music videos are big business. They are expensive little mini-movie in some cases but are all expressions of the music. So what makes this video so different from the thousands of others out there? It was made using nothing but jelly beans.
Peeping Toms In Motel Were Maintenance Workers [VIDEO]
You are on the road, you're tired. You just want a nice place to stay, take a shower, relax and get a good nights sleep. You don't expect to be spied on, but one family in New Mexico got just that after being told they were going to be given a special room.

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