My Rudy Cruise Dreamtime Scuba Adventure [VIDEO]
For over 6 years I've invited our listeners to join me on the various Rudy Cruises. During that time I learned how to scuba and started perfecting my scuba diving skills. This past Rudy Cruise, for the first time ever, we were diverted because of hurricane Irene. It became very clear early into to t…
My Puerto Rico Vacation: Part I [PHOTOS]
Vacation: a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday. That is the definition; mine was Puerto Rico! We didn't feel Mexico was a safe place right now so we chose Puerto Rico a beautiful part of the U.S. which mean…
Find A Travel List For Easier Vacation Packing
Those of you who, like me, have trouble packing for trips I have a great website for you to visit.  I never know what to pack, always afraid I'll leave something behind that I desperately need. This site has you covered.
KEAN 105 Beaches Boscobel Broadcast – Day 2 [SPONSORED]
Our first excursion during our stay at the Beaches Boscobel Luxury Included Resort and Golf Club was a catamaran cruise on the beautiful and exciting oceans after a morning full of "liquid sunshine."
The highlight of the cruise was lying on the "trampoline" on the front, a series …