“The River” Premiers Tonight on ABC [VIDEO]
If you were a fan of LOST then a void will be filled with this new show. LOST was a show you "invested" in watching, you had to keep up and follow the lives of the characters both before the plane crash and afterwards. This new television show by Steven Spielberg seems to have th…
Alec Baldwin’s Left Handed Apology [VIDEO]
Okay here's the he said, she said part of the story. Actor Alec Baldwin was on the phone as the plane he's riding on, is about to depart the gate. The flight attendant asked him to power off his phone he was playing the game words on. The flight attendant says he refused to turn it off bec…
Actor Harry Morgan Of M*A*S*H Fame Dies At 96 [VIDEO]
I, along with many of you, grew up watching M*A*S*H on television. I was in high school before I began watching it because I didn't realize it was a comedy as much as anything, just thought it was a war show. I loved it and still do. Harry Morgan wasn't the first Colonel on the show to …
Dancing With The Stars Includes World Peace And More [VIDEO]
Tonight is the beginning of season 13 of Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) on ABC. There are movie stars, soccer stars, courtroom stars, and even World Peace. So who will win this years competition? As we've seen before, you just never know. The best dancers aren't always the ones left stand…
Andy Whitfield Of ‘Spartacus’ Dies At 39 Of Cancer [VIDEO]
If you've ever watched the cable television show 'Spartacus' you know the men are fabulously built and strong fighters. Actor Andy Whitfield has lost his battle with cancer. Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma just 18 months ago he passed away with friends and family nearby.
‘America’s Most Wanted’ Returns To Television
For over 20 years John Walsh's show "America's Most Wanted" ran on the FOX network and bringing over 1000 criminals to justice. A few weeks ago the show was canceled. John Walsh will be back though, just announcing a deal to return to television on the Lifetime Network.

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