‘Tarzan’ Eyes ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Star Margot Robbie
Following her breakthrough performance in Martin Scorsese's 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' Margot Robbie is quickly becoming someone to watch. Audiences weren't the only ones taking note of the 23-year-old actress' ability to go toe to toe with Leonardo DiCaprio in the film: Robbie is now being eyed for…
‘Tarzan’ Wants Jessica Chastain to Be His Jane?
As 'Harry Potter' stars Danielle Radcliffe and Emma Watson move on to greener pastures, so too is director David Yates with his upcoming 'Tarzan' reboot. We've heard talk of 'True Blood' heartthrob Alexander Skarsgard in the lead to wear the famous loin cloth, but …
“Cheetah” the Chimp of Tarzan Fame Dies at 80 [VIDEO]
Despite his name Cheetah he was a chimp. Actually the oldest living chimp in captivity. Known as the comedian of the Tarzan movies of the 1930's Cheetah outlived his human co-star, Johnny Weissmuller, by 25 years. He passed away Saturday at the age of 80.