Taco Bell

Alaskan Town Falls Victim to Cruel Taco Bell Hoax
Here in the lower 48 we take for granted our “fourth meal.” But if you live up in the frozen tundra of Alaska, you can’t just take a spin to the local Taco Bell. In fact, if you live in Bethel, Alaska, a town of 6000, you would have to drive about 350 miles to Anchorage to grab a late-night gordita.
Taco Bell Price Hike Leads To 3 Hour Standoff
Seems the price of everything keeps going up.  I just got back from vacation and I can tell you the price of gas is  out-of-hand.  Food prices keep rising too and it's that price hike that made one man so mad he decided he would pull a gun on the Taco Bell staff.