Things to Do When Your Electricity Goes Out
Last night here in Abilene a huge storm blew through causing wind damage and some flooding. In many areas the power went out, and in some cases,took more than 24 hours to be restored. I was lucky, our power was out only about an hour. So what do you do when the power goes out?
Storm Surfers-New Zealand;Crazy Or Genius? [VIDEO]
Sunday is my t.v. watching day, usually there isn't much on so I head to the upper channels where reality, documentary or movies might catch my eye.  Today I found a show about storm surfers from New Zealand. These guys are absolutely crazy, in my opinion, however, others may see them as g…
Worst Storms In Recent Memory – Our Top 5
I believe that we West Texans are lucky. Lucky because we haven't been hit by a major loss of life storm. Like the 1987 tornado that killed 30 and injured 121 of the 297 residents in the small West Texas town of Saragosa. If fact the only three fatalities in Taylor County that were caused by …