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Remembering Kent Finlay: One Year After His Death
It's been one year since the passing of Kent Finlay, who left us on Texas Independence Day 2015. Finlay helped launch the careers for many, including Stevie Ray Vaughan and George Strait. He was a songwriting mentor to so many Texans, having co-written songs with Randy Rogers, William Clark Gre…
Tops in Texas: There’s a New No. 1 in The Lone Star State
This week the Micky & The Motorcars tumbles from the top spot, to the ninth spot. This leaves the No. 1 spot vacant for Matt Kimbrow, Jake Ward, or Randy Rogers Band. So, let’s see who gets it!
10. Cory Morrow -- Winning Hand
9. Micky and the Motorcars — Tonight We R…
Texas Music Chart Publishes Final Report, Shuts Doors
This week the Texas Music Chart published for the last time. The legacy TMC leaves behind one that served to solidify and unify a Texas Music scene in a way that before its inception was unheard of. It organized and gave validity to what bands and stations were doing in Texas and Oklahoma...

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