Dogs Welcome Home Their Deployed Owners [VIDEO]
I've seen quite a few videos and news stories when a Soldier, Airman, Seaman or Marine surprise their kids, wives or parents when they come back from being deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan, and while almost all of those kind of stories will have me crying like a three year old at bedtime, these …
Top 10 Gifts for Hipster Pets From Design Blog ‘Dog Milk’
At Dog Milk, Christine Martinez and her colleagues spend all year sourcing the best dog-friendly products for modern pups and their design-savvy owners — especially those of you with an eye for urban edge. This holiday season is no exception. They’ve rounded up and want to share some of their favori…
Top 6 Holiday Gift Picks for Pets
We know you’ll be inundated with gift ideas this holiday season, but after sharing our ideas for gifts for your vet, we couldn’t resist offering a few of our own favorites for the year courtesy of VetStreet’s Dr. Patty Khuly.
Guilty Dog Tries to Grin it’s Way Out of Trouble [VIDEO]
When it comes to kids I have a pretty good grasp on who done what, and when. My wonderful wife Donna and I have raised eight kids under one roof, so when something got broke or something came up missing, we had to become private investigators and start the questioning process

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