Best Dad Ever Sends Toy Train Into Space
We assumed this guy was the world's worst dad for taking his son's favorite toy and launching it into space. But it turns out he could track it using GPS so that it wouldn't be lost forever, and he is actually the coolest dad on earth because now his kid has a video of his train in sp…
How Do You Motivate Your Child to Get Better Grades? [POLL]
Just when I thought there was an outside chance that my children were all perfect in every way, the U.S. Postal Service delivered a dose of reality. It came in the shape of an automatically generated form letter, and I was extremely surprised to see what my child was up to.
Can Praising Kids Actually Make Them Dumb?
The trend in recent years that led parents and teachers to boost children’s self-esteem by rewarding them for doing little other than breathing may soon be over, thanks to new research that says such actions are actually making kids less intelligent.
Miranda Lambert Explains Why She’s Waiting to Have Kids
Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton have only been married for a few months, but nevertheless, they get asked regularly when they’re planning to expand their country brood with kids. Lambert appeared on ‘The Talk’ on Monday to chat about her music with the circle …