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First Movie Trailer For ‘Diana’ is Released
Princess Diana was easily the most popular woman in the world and her death had that whole world mourning. She was known as "the peoples princess" because even though she was royalty you still felt, as a commoner, that you could somehow be her friend and confidant. A new movie due to be re…
‘The Impossible’ Review
In theory, 'The Impossible' is an uplifting film about a family that faced unimaginable horror and survived. In practice, 'The Impossible' is a grim slog through tragedy with a small kernel of happiness waiting at the end -- and that kernel of happiness is so coated with thick, g…
Naomi Watts Cast to Play Princess Diana in New Movie
Naomi Watts was born in England but moved to Australia when she was 14 and has now been cast to play the most famous of British Royalty, Princess Diana. The film is a biopic of the last 2 years of Diana's life and her search for happiness before her untimely death.